A new comprehensive Total Joint Replacement (TJR) outcomes registry has been made available by Remedy Informatics Inc, headquartered in Sandy, Utah. The RemedyJoint registry aims to enhance the quality of research and outcomes for the hip and knee anthroplasty market.

According to Gary Kennedy, founder and CEO, Remedy Informatics Inc, having a product to track, analyze, and improve results is necessary in light of the reportedly elevating number of joint-replacement surgeries. The registry is designed to allow researchers and clinicians to efficiently track and gather patient demographics, medical history, procedure, complication, and patient-reported outcome data.

A recent news release notes that once the data is collected, it can be analyzed using pattern-recognition tools in order to facilitate efforts to optimize patient outcomes and reduce cost of care. The RemedyJoint registry aims to enable the tracking of orthopedic outcomes and implant survivorship, capture patient-reported outcomes measures, enable multisite collaboration and clinical trials, and support performance-based reimbursement negotiations.

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[Source: Remedy Informatics Inc]