John Lloyd, PhD, of Lloyd Industries, Inc, has announced new football helmet technology that aims to provide up to 50% more protection against football-related head injuries and concussions. According to a Lloyd Industries news release, the technology has a wide application and can be used in different types of helmets, such as military helmets, and can be used by athletes in any sport at risk of concussions and head injuries. The materials are reportedly inexpensive and produce a helmet that is notably lighter and designed to be comfortable than a traditional helmet.

Lloyd explains, “The patent-pending matrix of non-Newtonian materials will not only benefit football, but can be utilized in all sports helmets as well as military, motorcycle and even baby helmets to improve protection and dramatically reduce the risk of brain injuries.” Lloyd adds, “Our results show that forces associated with concussion and brain injury are reduced up to 50% compared to similar testing with a leading football helmet.”

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Source: Lloyd Industries