Medical device and robotics company Bionik Laboratories has reached a milestone, in that it has shipped its 250th interactive robotic therapy system to aid in the rehabilitation and mobility of individuals with neurological and mobility challenges.

The Bionik Laboratories family features seven interactive robotic products: three that have been FDA cleared—the InMotion ARM, the InMotion HAND, and the InMotion WRIST—and four others that are still in the development stages.

“We are excited to reach this milestone as a company and to bring our robotic systems into medical facilities to provide innovative rehabilitation solutions for patients across the country,” says Michal Prywata, co-founder, chief technology officer and director of Toronto-based Bionik Laboratories, in a media release.

“Neurological disorders afflict millions of people each year, but current physical therapy methods are simply too limited to help patients regain the mobility they have lost. Medical treatment options are changing as technology continues to evolve,” he adds.

[Source: Bionik Laboratories]