To enhance and “gamify rehab,” Visual Touch Therapy offers users games that hinge on range-of-motion exercises, allowing users to begin a therapy program with large gestures and progress to smaller, more precise movements as strength and mobility improve.

Progress can be tracked via a Progress Dashboard, designed to track the amount of time spent exercising, number of achievements and bonuses made, and progress made through each game level. The dashboard also allows users to view their progress by date, to ensure compliance with a therapy regimen. Additionally, a Posture Tracker helps to ensure “quality of movement,” and that the user maintains a “sense of center.” The company’s website encourages consistent observation of the posture tracker to ensure that the body is not slumping or twisting to one side as users progress through the games.

Watch the games in a video here

The games are designed to follow the story of the character Rocket Dog, a player avatar that progresses through different levels, becoming faster, stronger, and rocket-pack powered. Each game uses a different motion, including side to side, “swipes,” grasp and grab, tap, and push and pull.

The website notes that most games require a “Leap Motion” controller in order to fully track all the user’s data. The input device uses a computer’s USB port to perform high-fidelity tracking of the fingers and the hand. It is available at a range of electronics retailers.

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Source: Visual Therapy