The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation announces the awarding of seven High Impact Innovative Assistance Technology (HIIAT) Grants, totaling $520,996.

The foundation introduced the grants—funded by the Paralysis Resource Center under a cooperative agreement with the Administration for Community Living in the US Department of Health and Human Services—in 2015 to increase support for organizations and projects that promote access to assistive equipment and technology.

“As assistive technology continues to expand in our digital world, we want it to be a major asset to our community. All seven grantees enhance opportunities for individuals living with paralysis to successfully live independently in the community,” says Maggie Goldberg, vice president of policy and programs, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, in a media release.

The HIIAT grants program was created and launched with technical assistance from the Rehabilitation Engineering Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).

“At the end of the day, creating more opportunities for independence is and always will be our main goal,” states Donna Valente, director of Quality of Life Grants, per the release. “I’m excited to see these projects come to life and not only increase inclusion, but also create connections with different groups in communities across the nation.”

The release lists the following recipients of an HIIAT Grant:

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Boston, Massachusetts – $74,878 for “The Weight and Seating Independence Project”; Northern Arizona University-Institute for Human Development, Flagstaff, Arizona – $74,926 for the “Up a Go”; Temple University – Institute on Disabilities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $75,000 for a project called “Adaptive Design of Greater Philadelphia”; and University of New Hampshire – Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire – $75,000 for a project titled “I CreATe for Paralysis Project.”

Additional grant recipients are: Illinois Assistive Technology Program, Springfield, Illinois – $74,935 for its Temporary Ramp Project; Virginia Assistive Technology System, Henrico, Virginia – $75,000 for its PAKD!—Portable Accessibility Kits on Demand project; and Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Frankfort, Kentucky – $71,257 for its project titled “Ramp Up Kentucky.”

[Source(s): Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, PR Newswire]