RS Medical, Vancouver, Wash, has signed a contract with the U.S. Federal government to supply access to RS Medical’s non-drug, non-invasive pain management and rehabilitation devices that are patient-administered home therapies to relieve acute and chronic pain, and improve function.

The handheld stimulators, traction apparatus and advanced spinal bracing products include the RS-4i Sequential Stimulator and the Pronex Inline Cervical Traction.

Now under the federal supply schedule contract, RS Medical’s non-drug, non-invasive solutions are more widely available to patients. The products are currently prescribed in more than 70 Veterans Administration health care facilities nationwide.

The RS-4i is a multi-stage electric stimulation device that delivers interferential current to relieve pain and muscle stimulation to restore muscle function.

The RS-4i can be configured to deliver a variety of treatment cycles, modes and intensities, allowing specific patient conditions to be addressed.

The device also incorporates a unique built-in Data Card to record patient usage information. This data is compiled into monthly compliance reports that assist physicians in evaluating patient progress.

(Source: Press Release)