SpiderTech, Toronto, a provider of specialized kinesiology taping products,has introduced the new “X Spider,” an easy-to-use therapeutic treatment that can be applied by consumers.

The X pattern is a shape most commonly cut from kinesiology tape rolls by chiropractors, therapists, sports medicine practitioners and other healthcare providers, but doesn’t require the same degree of training and precision. With the X Spider, the company says consumers will be able to easily peel off the back of the pre-cut shape and apply it where there’s soreness or pain in the same way as ice or a bandage, but with greater therapeutic benefits.

“The X Spider make this long-established therapy more accessible to both practitioners and individual patients,” said SpiderTech’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kevin Jardine, DC, Med.Ac, CSCS, ART, CSTI, in the press statement. “We’ve simplified the use and application of kinesiology tape to make it more readily accessible.”

SpiderTech’s X Spider kinesiology tape can provide pain relief and improved mobility to everyone from competitive runners, cyclists, golfers, tennis players and triathletes, to anyone with lower back, knee, neck and other common pains.

(Source: Press Release)