Chattanooga, Tenn-based Richmar and Germany-headquartered global physical therapy equipment producer Physiomed Elektromedizin AG announce a joint venture to bring new therapies to the US market.

According to a media release from Richmar, in the coming years the company aims to introduce a new product featuring Physiomed technology, and Physiomed plans to integrate a line of consumables manufactured by Richmar into their product portfolio in the German market and beyond.

The kickoff product as the result of this venture will be the Hivamat 200 and Hivamat 200 Evident deep oscillation therapy system, which will be sold in the United States exclusively through the Richmar distribution network.

“Establishing a partnership with such a reputable, long-standing physiotherapy manufacturer in Europe allows Richmar to fast-track new innovations and share manufacturing competencies for both the US market and strategic markets outside the US,” says Richmar President Chad Morgan, in the release.

“We are very excited to align ourselves with Richmar in this joint venture. We expect promising synergies, but beyond that we found in Richmar a matching partner with regard to innovation, and our high standards of quality and competence,” states Thomas Schulmann, COO of Physiomed, per the release.

[Source: Richmar]