AOTI Inc announces that its Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) therapy has provided more than 1 million individual home treatments since it was introduced to the market.

“This is a momentous milestone for our company and a testament to the clinical efficacy of TWO2 therapy. We are delighted to have helped heal the wounds of so many patients within their homes and look forward to even greater adoption of TWOtherapy in the future,” says Dr Mike Griffiths, CEO and president of AOTI, in a media release.

“We are pleased that healthcare professionals around the world are recognizing more and more the clinical benefits of adding Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) therapy to existing wound care best practices, and that by helping completely heal chronic wounds will greatly reduce the total cost of care, but more importantly improve the patient’s quality of life,” he adds.

In addition, the Oceanside, Calif-based company also announces in the release that its operating subsidiary, Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc, has been awarded DMEPOS accreditation for Home/Durable Medical Equipment Services by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

Griffiths states that the DMEPOS accreditation will allow the TWO2 therapy to be provided to Medicaid and Medicare patients moving forward.

[Source(s): AOTI Inc, PR Newswire]