The global empowerment site for people with disabilities, yoocan, launches on Instagram, and features daily postings from people with disabilities who tell their stories in their own words.

The site’s goal is to be a place where people with disabilities from around the world can encourage and empower one another. The stories posted on the site are from children and adults from more than 70 countries, who were either born with a disability or acquired it later in life. Other followers then have the ability to provide comments, which could include praise, words of encouragement, education, or advice.

“The account has become a place for differently abled people to put themselves in the spotlight and share their personal stories with others who truly understand and can empathize with them,” says Stacey Kaplan, the creator and community manager of yoocan, in a media release. “The account empowers those who sometimes need an extra push of encouragement on a daily basis.”

For more information or to share a story, visit yoocan.

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