The National Massage Therapy Institute, Falls Church, Va, knows that teaching valuable and relevant career skills is important to any student’s professional future. But, specialized career training doesn’t stop in the classroom. NMTI places great emphasis on not only massage therapy training but also on building solid interpersonal skills during the educational process.

Campus Director Deborah Brent says, “Being involved in the community is very important for our students. Their massage therapy classes teach them modalities, anatomy and physiology and business skills, but understanding how to interact with people is just as important.”

Brent also feels that the nature of therapy brings with it certain responsibilities to society. “The skills we teach them aren’t just for a career, they’re about healing, and it’s important that they know how much they mean to their community,” she says.

National Massage Therapy Institute has recently encouraged their students to become involved their students in numerous community events including Race for the Cure, Alzheimer’s Association and Corporate table and chair massages for Booz Allen Hamilton.

The NMTI promotes student participation in charity events, employee appreciation days, and organizational networking. NMTI believes that a robust and well-rounded education is key to a successful career.

[SOURCE: PR Web, October 2006]