WorkPose, a free app created by a kinesiologist and an ergonomist/occupational therapist, is designed to guide users through a step-by-step process of adjusting workplace ergonomics to help alleviate back, arm, shoulder, and hand pain.

The app works like this: simply snap a selfie or choose a model (male, female, or androgynous), and then answer WorkPose’s 15-question self-assessment. Users will then receive a list of custom recommendations and product suggestions.

“As an ergonomic consultant to Fortune 500 companies, I’ve received a lot of requests from people who work from home and who could not afford to pay for a personal ergonomist assessment,” says ergonomist and occupational therapist Charissa Sims, co-creator of WorkPose, in a news release. “I wanted to create something for everyone that was fun, free and easy to use.”

“Just like how one chair doesn’t fit all, neither does one look for a certain gender,” says kinesiologist Vanessa Friedman, founder of Ergonomic Connection and co-creator of WorkPose. “We appreciate and honor how we are all different and we wanted to make an app that reflected that.”

The free app is available at the App Store or on Google Play.

[Source(s): WorkPose, PR Newswire]