A new resource titled, Positive Options for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS): Self-Help and Treatment, is now available that provides the latest in pain advancements that speak to CRPS patients and their caregivers.

The book’s review of pain advancements is intended for both conventional and complementary resources. According to a media release from the book’s author, Elena L. Juris, the book focuses on coping skills for living, and shares the following information:

• Conventional, complementary, and experimental treatment options now available to CRPS/RSD patients;
• Community resources and adaptive aids that support independent functioning amid severe and chronic pain;
• Stories of healing and adaptation strategies from patient contributors – as well as the author’s own story of triumph over disabling pain;
• Interviews with two practitioners who treat CRPS and other pain patients from both conventional and complementary perspectives;
• Relaxation techniques, imaginative distraction exercises, cognitive reframing, and stretching oneself to develop new sources of pleasure amid pain; and
• Guidance for caregivers struggling to support a pain patient.

Positive Options aims to nurture patients’ creative coping skills, integrate complementary health support, and empower patients with resources for navigating chronic pain.

[Source: Elena L. Juris]