Firefly, based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has rolled out the Playpak, a product for therapeutic use that is designed to be fun and can be used in the home or while traveling. Playpak is contained in a lightweight bag that can be unzipped to reveal a colorful floor mat, rolls, wedges, and supports that stick together in a wide variety of configurations. These features allow a child to engage in many different developmental postures.

Firefly reports that Playpack is designed to support back lying, which is a fundamental and secure position from which to work on physical, cognitive, sensory, and communication skills. It likewise supports tummy lying and sitting.

An animated online therapy guide, featuring advice and easy-to-use instructions, is also available with the product to demonstrate how to “mix and match” the components in three key therapeutic positions, which form the basis for later abilities – back lying, tummy lying, and ?oor sitting.

More information is available on the Firefly website

[Source: Firefly]