CareOne, a family owned and operated post-acute care and senior living organization in New Jersey, announces its partnership with Reduce Infection Deaths (RID) an organization dedicated to heightening the awareness of infection control and prevention in the health care setting.

RID, a nationwide educational campaign to stop hospital-acquired infections, was founded by Betsy McCaughey, PhD—a health policy expert and former lieutenant governor of New York State—in 2004. RID has made hospital infections a major public issue, and has provided compelling evidence that preventing infection improves quality and the bottom line, according to a media release from CareOne.

“CareOne is a progressive organization, and we are thrilled to be working with them to elevate the quality of their care centers,” McCaughey states, in the release. “The CareOne leadership has an incredible vision to be the leaders in the post-acute care industry in developing standards of care that will set a new standard in the quality of care for older adults.”

RID’s partnership with CareOne will entail collaborative education and training initiatives aimed at meeting the stringent requirements that RID has set forth for CareOne to be “RID Certified.”

This will include in-person education, webinars through CareOne’s online employee education system, and through partnering on updated protocols to ensure that RID standards are being carried out throughout every CareOne center, the release continues.

“We are excited to be the first post-acute care provider in New Jersey to embark on the journey to be RID certified,” states Toya Casper, CareOne’s chief clinical officer.

“We believe taking this next step in education and protocol development will improve our strong track record of quality and distinguish us even further as a forward-thinking senior care organization.”

Lizzy Straus, CareOne’s executive vice president, comments, “I couldn’t be happier to partner with Betsy and RID to strengthen CareOne’s clinical outcomes.”

“We have always invested in taking our clinical care to the next level, and when I read and learned about the success Betsy has achieved with the RID campaign, I knew it would be a perfect initiative for our organization to address an issue that impacts all healthcare providers. We would like to take the lead that we hope others follow in furthering the awareness of infection prevention and control.”

[source(s): CareOne, PR Newswire]