SteeperUSA has shipped reportedly its first Espire Elbow, following Steeper Group’s recent announcement as the exclusive manufacturers of the prosthetic elbow range, the San Antonio-based company shares in a media release.

Manufactured at Steeper Group’s purpose-built production and headquarters facility in the UK, the Espire Elbow range is for distribution and supply to prosthetic clinics around the world.

Each Espire Elbow is custom-made to order providing unique configuration options to patients, resulting in greater choice no matter the circumstances or condition of their needs.

Once manufactured, the teams at Steeper Group and SteeperUSA are partnered with a global network of distributors to deliver the Espire Elbow, along with a supporting range of upper limb prosthetic devices to patients worldwide.

As Steeper Group approaches its 100th anniversary in 2021 and SteeperUSA surpasses its 10th anniversary, they continue in the footsteps of their founder Hugh Steeper, who founded the company to treat veterans of the First World War. Today, their mission echoes his pioneering work and our clinicians and teams continue to combine world-leading technologies with innovative craftsmanship, to provide a wide range of state-of-the-art prosthetic devices – for those in need around the world.

“For the last 100 years our teams have continued to push innovation boundaries. Our specialisms in prosthetic manufacturing have enabled us to bring exceptional products and devices to patients and clinicians around the world, creating positive turning points in their lives. With a purpose-built manufacturing facility, our teams have the capabilities and expertise to deliver world-renowned prosthetic devices to clinics around the world.”

— Paul Steeper, CEO of Steeper Group

[Source: SteeperUSA]

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