WillowWood Global has formed a strategic alliance with Reboocon Bionics, makers of the Intuy Knee motorized prosthetic knee.

WillowWood Global, a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of prosthetic products, announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Reboocon Bionics the inventor and manufacturer of the motorized prosthetic knee, Intuy Knee.

The alliance will focus on outcomes research, exclusive US market distribution as well as R&D collaboration to advance the next generation of the technology.

“Together with Reboocon, our research partners and grants awarded, we are excited to validate outcomes data to determine the target patients that will benefit most from this novel but proven technology,” said Daniel Rubin, chief operating officer of WillowWood.

The new generation of the Intuy Knee was launched in Europe in early 2022 and has become widely adopted by patients of different activity levels.

Motorized knee technology has been demonstrated to provide benefits for walking upstairs, sit-to-stand movement, and reducing strain on the back and joints. The Intuy Knee is designed for an intuitive and natural feel, driven by sophisticated algorithms in its control system.

“The world of prosthetics is unquestionably moving away from passive toward powered technology, which compelled us to partner with Reboocon given their strategic focus,” said Mahesh Mansukhani, chief executive officer of WillowWood. “We are extremely impressed with their leadership and look forward to a long and transformative partnership with them.”

Photo via Reboocon Bionics