As part of its partnership with Mayo Clinic in the development of a Limb Loss and Preservation Registry (Registry) for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation (TLI) supported the Mayo Clinic participation at the Amputee Coalition’s 2019 National Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The Registry is expected to become operational in 2020 and, with support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DoD), aims to establish the number of people in the United States living with limb loss and provide insight on their challenges in order to help improve quality of care for civilian, active military personnel and veterans, a media release from TLI notes.

“During the event, TLI and Mayo Clinic conducted focus groups for orthotics and prosthetics manufacturers, amputees and a variety of care providers, including prosthetists, orthotists, physiatrists, registered nurses, physical therapists and case managers,” Bill Oldham, founder and chairman of the board, TLI, explains in the release.

“There was palpable enthusiasm for the development of the Registry and how it can bring value to the community. All participants shared our vision for the Registry — a powerful opportunity to collect data that will improve quality care and functional outcomes of care.”

With record high conference attendance, 1,300+ people from the limb loss and limb difference community benefitted from educational and motivational sessions, hands-on clinics and introductions to companies that are active in this space, the release adds.

Oldham adds, “We were honored to have been a part of this year’s national conference. It was an ideal way to meet people who are passionate about maintaining a high quality of life and functionality with limb loss or limb difference. This annual event embodies the mission of the Amputee Coalition to educate and support this community and help members be effective advocates.”

[Source(s): Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation, Business Wire]