Amputee Coalition, headquartered in Manassas, Va, and Massachusetts-based Organogenesis Inc recently held a webinar for US veterans, their families, caregivers, and clinicians on preventing limb loss in patients battling diabetes.

Convened as part of Diabetes Awareness Month, the webinar—“Preventing Secondary Limb Loss”—focused on steps people with diabetes could take to stop a diabetic foot ulcer from occurring, and if one does occur, how to stop it from leading to an amputation, according to a media release from Amputee Coalition and Organogenesis Inc.

“Patient education on proper care of the diabetic foot is an absolutely critical component of diabetes management and prevention of lower limb amputations,” states Jeffrey Robbins, DPM, director of Podiatric Services at the Veterans Administration and Lois Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, who led the webinar, in the release. “This is evidenced by the estimate that 50% to 75% of amputations are preventable.”

During the webinar, Robbins advised diabetic patients to check their feet daily for any cuts or sores, wear appropriately fitting shoes and socks, and avoid going barefoot at all times as even the smallest cut or blister has the potential to turn into a chronic non-healing ulcer. Robbins also discussed the Amputation Prevention program at the VA and how patients can best navigate the system to get the care they need, the release explains.

Organogenesis Inc sponsored the webinar through an educational grant to further patient education in recognition of National Diabetes Awareness Month. The program is part of an overall 2015 grant provided by Organogenesis to the Amputee Coalition, designated for veteran health education programs, per the release.

“November marks Diabetes Awareness Month and includes the Veterans Day holiday, so we want to be sure the men and women who so bravely served our country have access to comprehensive education as they take on the battle of diabetes,” states Sue Stout, president and CEO of the Amputee Coalition, in the release.

Gary S. Gillheeney, Sr, president & CEO of Organogenesis, adds in the release that, “Our hope is that through patient education efforts like these, along with good wound care, we can help prevent DFU-related amputations and help our veterans enjoy healthy, active lives.”

The webinar is archived on the Amputee Coalition website.

[Source(s): Amputee Coalition, Organogenesis Inc; PR Newswire]