Reengineered from top to bottom, the Coapt COMPLETE CONTROL System Gen2 prosthetic arm control from Coapt LLC is designed to combine machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a human-bionic interface that learns and adapts to upper-limb amputees.

Coapt’s Gen2 is engineered with new features designed to enhanced intuitive prosthesis control, overcoming the need for conventional methods that are often cumbersome and unnatural.

Further, Coapt empowers the user with novel, powerful elements like the AI-enabled Control Coach, a layer of intelligence designed to assist the user in optimizing control by providing automated feedback and instruction, according to the company in a media release.

“Everything we have engineered into Gen2 is aimed to improve our users’ quality of life,” says Blair Lock, co-founder and CEO of Coapt.

“Vast experience with users has driven the development of the Control Coach AI and improved adaptive algorithms. Our completely reimagined, industry-leading control system has more power to unlock users’ potential than ever before. With COMPLETE CONTROL System Gen2’s improved technology, we enable and empower our users to experience enhanced freedom with better prosthesis control.”

Coapt’s COMPLETE CONTROL System uses machine learning technology to decode the electrical signals that a user’s muscles make as the brain sends information to the absent limb, enabling the user to move the prosthesis intuitively. The Gen2 device’s smaller size and more efficient operation integrate with nearly every major powered prosthetic arm component, and features the ability to plug-and-play.

[Source(s): Coapt, PR Newswire]