For her latest performance on Dancing with the Stars Amy Purdy, Paralympic snowboarding athlete and bilateral amputee, was fit with special prosthetics from Irvine, Calif-based Freedom Innovations, LLC. The company notes that it also designed the high-tech prosthetics that Purdy donned during her medal-winning efforts at the Sochi games.

While the prosthetics used for Purdy’s latest performance on Dancing with the Stars were technically designed for high performance swimming, Freedom Innovations’ angled Freestyle Swim Feet reportedly enabled Purdy to perform on pointed toes for the recent graceful dance choreographed by her partner, professional dancer Derek Hough.

In a news release from Freedom Innovations, the company states the show’s judges emphasized that Purdy’s performance sent “a resounding message of determination and hope for those who have lost limbs, and for anyone facing adversity.”

Freedom Innovations notes that it designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology lower extremity devices engineered to provide individuals with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential.

Source: Freedom Innovations