Össur recently introduced the SYMBIONIC LEG 3, a bionic leg that features a Bionic microprocessor knee and a powered Bionic ankle with proactive ankle flexion in an integrated unit. The SYMBIONIC LEG 3 is built to allow users to experience improved safety, symmetry, and confidence when walking, without the need to adapt walking style or compensate for the prosthesis.

The company’s website notes that the prosthesis is intended to blend all the enhancements recently introduced in the RHEO KNEE 3, Össur’s third-generation microprocessor knee, and integrate it with a Bionic ankle component to allow above-knee amputees to walk more naturally.

It also features a powered toe lift and stumble recovery features to maximize safety and reduce the risk of trips and falls. The product’s adaptation capabilities are designed to also offer stability when walking on surfaces such as grass, slopes, or uneven ground.

For more information, visit www.ossur.com

[Source: Össur]