Naked Prosthetics, based in Tumwater, Wash, introduces the MCPDriver, a finger prosthesis designed for amputations distal to the MCP joint, or first knuckle.

This latest addition to the company’s Biomedical Prosthetic Fingers line uses a double-articulating linkage system to help provide wearers with the length, grip strength, and dexterity they need to accomplish daily tasks, according to a media release from the company.

Each MCPDriver is custom-made using 3D printing of stainless steel components and nylon polymer. Conforming silicone pads are embedded into the prosthesis to help provide a natural grip, while maintaining a slim shape that accommodates those with single or multiple amputations. A silicone hand strap anchors the device without obstructing tactile sensation on the palm, the release explains.

During the engineering process, the prosthesis is adjusted for scar tissue, limitations in movement, or other abnormalities to ensure a comfortable fit, per the release.

For more information, visit Naked Prosthetics.

[Source(s): Naked Prosthetics, PRWeb]