The WaterGait WaterLeg is a prosthesis engineered to be waterproof, lifelike, and economic. The product’s laminated socket is bonded to a hollow hard plastic shell and custom shaped to match the user’s natural leg. It is also marketed with Skinergy Silicone cosmetic skin or in a custom-sprayed nylon skin finish. Users are also supplied with water shoes/surf socks, according to the company’s website.

The site notes that the WaterGait WaterLeg can be used in a range of locations and during a variety of activities, including in the pool, shower, water skiing, water parks, ocean/lake/river, bathtub, parasailing, walking on the beach, running through sprinklers, boating, and fishing.

The WaterGait WaterLeg accommodates trans-tibial or below-the-knee amputees who are 250 pounds or less. The company also states that a variety of suspension methods can be used for the product, including shuttle lock, supra-condylar suspension, and suction (passive).

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