Amputee athletes from the Hanger Clinic are slated to compete in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Competitions will take place through September 9, according to a recent Hanger news release. Prior to their departure to London, several of the athletes were interviewed by news media regarding the impending competition. 

According to Hanger, athlete Jeremy Campbell, Perryton, Texas, earned a spot on the 2008 US Paralympic Team in Beijing, winning gold for Men’s Discus F44, winning gold and setting a world record in the men’s Pentathlon – P44 event, and finishing fourth in the men’s Long Jump – F42/44 event. Read his interview with the [removed]Oklahoman.[/removed]

Bradley Johnson, Pompano Beach, Fla, holds a law degree from the University of Florida and was interviewed by a local paper regarding his spot as member of the 2012 US National Sailing Team in the Paralympic Games. Read more about Johnson and his athletic accomplishments in the Observer Newspaper.

Blake Leeper, Chula Vista, Calif, joins the group of Hanger’s athletes. Leeper, reportedly set an American record in the 100 meter competition, becoming the first US competitor in his classification to finish the run in less than 11 seconds. See his competitive edge firsthand in his interview here.

Hanger reports that Kari Miller, Washington, DC, is its next athlete to compete in the Games. Miller competes in sitting volleyball. Miller also serves as a USOC Paralympic Mentor for service members. Read Miller’s interview with The Washington Times.

David Prince, gained success and recognition after being invited to a prestigious track and field competition, which reportedly led him into the world of running which Hanger says he has dominated for 3 years. Read his interview with the Tampa Bay Times.

Rounding out the group is Katy Sullivan, who yields from Alabama. Hanger notes that Sullivan recently returned from the Pan Am games in Rio de Janiero, where she beat her personal best time by running under 18 seconds in the 100-meter race. Read her interview with KTLA 5 here.

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Source: Hanger Clinic