Biomedical scale-up Adapttech has licensed the Prosthetic Limb Users Survey of Mobility (PLUS-M) from the University of Washington, and Amputee Mobility Predictors (AMPPro / AMPnoPro) from Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy to incorporate into future product designs and patient outcome models, it announces.

Adapttech promotes patient mobility by creating devices that leverage key health data points to deliver improved patient outcomes. Adapttech’s first product, the INSIGHT System, is designed to improve the fitting process of lower-limb prostheses for amputees; these new deals will see the company expand its market focus in patient outcomes management through new hardware devices, apps, data servers, AI-supported analysis, and professional reporting for insurance payors and healthcare professionals.  

“Our licensing agreements with the University of Washington and Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy demonstrate our commitment to the development of patient-centric solutions. The industry-leading patient outcome measures we have licensed from both organizations will support the development of new products to enable our clinical users to provide consistent outcomes across all patient groups. We have an exciting pipeline of products in development which are undergoing user-testing ahead of being released later this year.”

— Frederico Carpinteiro, CEO, Adapttech

The PLUS-M, licensed from the University of Washington, is a self-report survey for measuring the mobility of adults living with lower limb amputation. It has been rigorously developed using modern psychometric methodology and is intended for use in clinical practice and research. 

“The Prosthetic Limb Users Survey of Mobility (PLUS-M) was specifically designed to measure day-to-day mobility in prosthetic users – ranging from basic activities performed in the home to advanced recreational activities performed in outdoor settings. It is heartening to know that, through Adapttech’s technology, more users will have access to PLUS-M.”

— Brian Hafner, PhD & Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine

The AMPPro test, licensed from Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy, has been repeatedly validated through independent research and is accepted by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as the only approved test to determine amputee activity level.

“We are pleased that Adapttech has chosen to include the Amputee Mobility Predictor in their suite of clinical outcomes. The use of reliable and valid outcomes is important for clinicians who are focused on patient-centered care, rehabilitation research, and innovation.”

— Bob Gailey, PhD, PT, Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy

Adapttech will release new technology in 2022 incorporating licensed IP from the University of Washington and Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy. This new announcement builds on the licensing agreement published in October 2021 between Adapttech and Modus Health for StepWatch.

[Source: Adapttech]