Hanger Inc and AT&T announce the creation of a network-connected device designed to attach to a prosthetic limb and share usage data beyond the clinical setting to alert of any problems and, in turn, increase mobility.

The prototype is designed to attach to a below-the-knee prosthetic and collect usage and mobility data in near-real time. Via the device’s connection to AT&T’s LTE-M cellular network and accompanying interactive mobile app, the information is sent directly to Hanger Clinic, the patient care subsidiary of Hanger Inc.

The information collected is then used to help address potential issues impacting prosthetic usage, such as fit and comfort, and in turn increase mobility, according to a media release from Hanger Inc and AT&T Corporate Communications.

“Becoming an amputee can be an emotional, traumatic experience,” says Aaron Flores, PhD, Hanger Clinic vice president, who is responsible for the company’s fabrication network.

“Transitioning from living with a fully functioning leg to a prosthesis requires re-learning how to walk entirely. Unfortunately, not everyone knows when or how to talk to us about potential challenges. This device will give us a window into patients’ daily experiences and equip us with a level of connectivity we’ve never had before, and in turn, provide even better patient care.”

Hanger is currently trialing five of these devices with existing patients. In the coming months, Hanger and AT&T will continue to take the best components of this proof of concept to create a fully functional product for the next phase of this project.

“At Hanger, we know to best meet our patients’ needs, we need to be the most digitally connected company in O&P, so we can connect with our patients wherever they may be,” states Vinit Asar, Hanger president and chief executive officer. “Collaborating with AT&T on this prototype not only allows us to equip our patients with the tools they need to get their lives back on track faster, but also helps us solidify our life-long commitment to them.”

For more information about the device prototype, visit Hanger Inc.

[Source(s): Hanger Inc, AT&T Corporate Communications, PR Newswire]