Active Ankle Systems Inc, Jeffersonville, Ind, which specializes in high-function ankle supports for the athletic industry, has formed a new medical division called Active Innovations.

The division debuts as the company prepares to introduce several new products. While Active Ankle currently markets several non-ankle products for medical use, the products will now have a common home in a distinct division.

“Not only do we understand the product—we understand the injury,” says said Glen Snow, company president, and a certified athletic trainer.
A dedicated in-house engineering staff is focused on meeting the needs of medical and physical therapy patients. 
Popular devices in the company’s portfolio include: the Dorsal Night Splint for plantar fasciitis, Trigger Finger Solution, Multi-Phase ankle orthosis, T1 and T2 ankle braces, the Chameleon multi-color ankle brace, and the recently released, carbon fiber-reinforced Volt ankle brace.