U.S. Rehab, a division of VGM & Associates, announces it has signed a partnership agreement with Braze Mobility Inc to make the Braze Blind Spot Sensors for wheelchairs available to its members nationwide.

These blind spot sensors can be added to any manual or power wheelchair and transform it into a “smart” wheelchair. The patented technology automatically detects obstacles and provides feedback to the user through intuitive lights, sounds, and vibrations. This technology can help prevent accidents resulting in property damage, wheelchair damage, and injuries that can lead to hospitalization.

In addition, Braze Blind Spot Sensors can potentially widen access to power wheelchair use to those who might currently be unduly excluded. The company’s solution is based on more than a decade of research with wheelchair users, which has been published in several peer-reviewed articles.

“U.S. Rehab is extremely excited about this new partnership. This is a growing market, and it is a great opportunity for our U.S. Rehab members,” said Greg Packer, President, U.S. Rehab. “We strive to continually bring partnerships to our members that are beneficial for them, and their customers.”

“We are really excited to partner with U.S. Rehab and be able to work with all their members across the country, many of whom we have already had the pleasure of working with,” said Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, CEO and co-founder of Braze Mobility. “We strongly believe in empowering users by increasing their spatial awareness while leaving them fully in control. Our approach is resonating with clients who value their independence. This partnership will allow many more manual and powered wheelchair users to access the Braze Blind Spot Sensors so they can navigate their environments boldy, independently, and safely.”

Physicians, therapists, and customers should contact their local VGM member for more information on this exciting technology.

[Source: VGM & Associates]

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