returnAn active sit-to-stand/transfer device designed to accommodate larger and heavier patients up to 450 pounds is available through Handicare, headquartered in Allentown, Pa. The ReTurn 7600 is engineered to allow active sit-to-stand and transfers to or from bed, wheelchair, or toilet.

The product can also be used to facilitate repositioning farther back in a chair or wheelchair. The product is intended to stimulate the natural pattern of movement during sit-to-stand, while also strengthening muscles and functional ability. This ability, the company says, makes the ReTurn 7600 a key assistive device in both a rehab unit and in the home, allowing patients to live at home longer with the help of only one caregiver.

To benefit larger patients, the product features a wider base plate and lower-leg supports adapted for this patient population. The company’s ReTurnBelt can also be used to complement the Return 7600 when greater support and stability is required.

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[Source: Handicare]