liftkar2Mobility Lifter LLC, headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill, markets an attendant-operated, battery-powered portable stair climber designed to transport seated passengers up and down indoor and outdoor staircases.

The company notes that the LIFTKAR PT requires no modifications to the home and can accommodate any stair configuration whether curved, angled, or straight.

The product is also designed to fit into RVs, chartered jets, car trunks, or in the aisles of airplanes. The company offers three models of the device.

The first, the Liftkar PT-U requires a manual wheelchair, which can be rolled and locked into place. The Liftkar PT-S does not require a wheelchair and instead is attendant operated and designed with a built-in seat. Rounding out the models is the Liftkar PT-A, which is intended to use quick release wheelchairs and climbs narrow and winding stairs.

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[Source: Mobility Lifter LLC]