gripsMed4orce Grips, Dayton, Ohio, markets an exercise grip product line engineered to assist in hand, wrist, and forearm strengthening for athletes and arthritis patients. The line is available in Stiff, Medium, Soft, and Ultra Soft resistance levels.

Heading up the products is the Med4orce Stiff Grip. The product is designed for advanced strength and aims to accommodate users seeking to continue building hand, wrist, and forearm strength. Next up, the Med4orce Soft Grip can be used to rebuild finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength. The product targets regained flexibility in the hand.

The Med4orce Medium Grip is designed to assist in maintaining full hand, wrist, and finger flexibility. Rounding out the product line is the Med4orce Ultra Soft Grip, which the company notes is ideal for users attempting to regain mobility of the hand dexterity in everyday tasks.

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[Source: Med4orce]