Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, announces its acquisition of Magic Mobility, a power wheelchair company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Magic Mobility specializes in All-Terrain and individualized custom wheelchairs, and these products are built in the Melbourne facility and personalized for each customer.

“Though we have a broad range of market-leading brands, the inclusion of the Magic Mobility portfolio, which is at the leading edge of outdoor, go-anywhere, all-terrain power wheelchairs, further enables people to enjoy their life and experience an enhanced choice of product capabilities,” says senior vice president commercial operations Jim Barratt, who led the acquisition for Sunrise, in a media release.

Jill Barnett, general manager of Magic Mobility, states, “We are thrilled by this transition, which will ensure that the 24-year-old Australian brand can grow and develop even further for decades. The prospect of continuing to operate here in Melbourne and employing more local talent as we grow, is great for the Victorian manufacturing industry and the overall Australian economy.”

Johan Ek, CEO of Sunrise Medical, notes, “Magic Mobility will continue to play an increased role in the global power wheelchair marketplace. With Sunrise, I am very excited as to what the future brings. Magic Mobility has a strong and dedicated team of people headed up by an excellent management team who will continue to run the business along with the new support, resources, and experience we have at our disposal.”

[Source: Sunrise Medical]