A new highly portable mobility option is now available with the Jazzy Carbon portable power wheelchair from Pride Mobility. The lightweight wheelchair includes the following features for ease of travel:

  • Joystick with built-in USB charger is removable for transport
  • 24V 12 AH (288WH) airline compliant lithium battery
  • Front suspension for a smooth ride
  • Ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame specifically designed for traveling
  • Compact base easily folds and unfolds for easy transport in a few easy steps
  • Padded seat back with storage pocket and soft, removable seat cushion for all-day comfort
  • Freewheel levers easily disengage the brake, allowing this lightweight power chair to be pushed like a manual chair
  • Under-seat storage and adjustable lap belt

The Jazzy Carbon’s frame is made from a lightweight combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. Its overall weight is just 39 lbs. (43.6 lbs. with battery).

“The ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame is specifically designed for traveling while also extremely durable, without the bulk,” says Adam Fuller, director of Pride R&D. 

In addition to the lightweight design, the Jazzy Carbon folds and unfolds easily and comes standard with an airline-compliant lithium battery. The power chair also features a removable joystick for simple transport and offers brushless motors for energy efficiency.

More and more, consumers who live busy, active lifestyles are looking for retail options that are portable and travel ready. Many of those consumers may be unable to operate a travel scooter, so they’re searching for a power chair that is compact and lightweight.

“By expanding our retail lineup with more travel products, our providers can meet the needs of additional customers who want to travel, but require a power chair to do so,” says Jeff Distasio, vice president of Pride Sales. “The Jazzy Carbon takes it one step further with fantastic selling features, like the standard lithium battery, storage, and a removable joystick.”

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