In an effort to ease product installation, Butler Mobility reports that it has added a modular plug to the control tube wiring assembly in the power unit of all its wheelchair lifts. The plug is intended to replace eight separate wire nuts and wire connections.

A news release from the company notes that users can also now recover the platform over travel directly from the control arm joystick on the platform. The new procedure, the company says, eliminates the need to move back and forth from the top landing call button to the platform to back down from over-travel. The over-travel switch will stop the wheelchair lift in the event the upper limit switch fails to operate. Opening the over-travel switch keeps the lift inoperative until the failure is corrected.

A copy of the product’s wiring diagram is also included in a sealed pouch inside the power unit cover. A “quick view” wiring diagram has been attached by the company to the top plate inside of the power unit. Additionally, updated pictures and diagrams in the Installation Guide are intended to make it easier to test the lift during installation.

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[Source: Butler Mobility]