Braze Mobility Inc introduces an add-on system for wheelchairs designed to give feedback to users to help prevent collisions with obstacles.

Two versions are available: the Braze Hydra and the Braze Sentina.

Both versions can be added to any powered or manual wheelchair, and feature sensors that detect obstacles and provide visual, audio, or vibration feedback to drivers.

“Rear visibility and maneuvering in tight spaces are real issues with mobility devices?and collisions can result,” says Dr Pooja Viswanathan, CEO of Braze Mobility, in a media release. “Our obstacle-detection system is designed to increase safety, independence, and quality of life for people living with mobility impairment.”

Herman Witlox, who uses a powered wheelchair, participated in the product’s Beta testing process. He says in the release that the Braze system is “a lifesaver” that has helped him avoid collisions with people and property that can happen while changing directions or backing up.

“It gives you an awareness and a sense of security,” he adds.

Viswanathan shares that, “Anyone who uses a wheelchair can benefit from this system, which will be particularly useful for people with low peripheral vision and limited neck and upper body flexibility. And for people who are excluded from using powered wheelchairs, including some older adults with dementia, the system will widen access to mobility devices, giving new opportunities for independent mobility.”

The system is available for ordering online by institutions such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and seating clinics across North America. Direct sales to individual consumers will follow, per the release.

[Source(s): Braze Mobility Inc, PR Newswire]