Numotion announces an exclusive distribution partnership with UK-based Motivation to distribute its Multisport wheelchairs in the United States.

Motivation’s Multisport wheelchairs are entry-level, court-based wheelchairs designed to be used across a wide range of sports and activities at both the national and local club levels.

“We are excited about this high quality, affordable option that will allow wheelchair users to participate in a variety of sports, play and exercise – ultimately promoting better health and wellness,” says John Pryles, senior vice president of sales at Brentwood, Tenn-headquartered Numotion, in a media release.

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Two models are available—the Multisport and Multisport Junior—each available in multiple sizes. Two sport mini castor wheels—one at the front and one sport anti-tip wheel at the rear—provide maneuverability on a variety of court surfaces. The chairs use common wheel and bearing sizes and have also been designed so that parts are easy to replace or repair.

Additional features include removable toe guards for multisport play, four body straps to provide support options and adjustment, as well as quick release rear wheels for more efficient storage and transport.

“We are delighted to be teaming up with Numotion as it means that more people can begin to access grassroots sport,” shares Motivation founder and director, David Constantine, MBE, who is himself a wheelchair user, per the release.

“At Motivation we know how incredibly empowering sport can be, helping to build confidence and self esteem. It’s also a fantastic way of breaking down barriers and challenging stigmas, and with these wheelchairs everyone can compete on a level playing field.”

[Source: Numotion]