Invacare Corporation announces the launch of the Invacare AVIVA STORM RX rear-wheel drive power wheelchair.

“We are excited to introduce the next generation of Invacare power mobility products with the AVIVA STORM RX, an innovative leap forward in rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs. The AVIVA brand has a unique identity that conveys a promise of superior technology, design and performance. This launch represents yet another step forward for our end-users while further differentiating Invacare’s product portfolio.”

— Joost Beltman, senior vice president and general manager, North America for Invacare


With its sleek base, the flared front end supports use of the center mount foot platform for overall turning radius reduction, enables the legs to tuck under the chair up to 7˚, allows a user to get closer to their environment, and facilitates easier stand pivot transfers.

A unique open stack design allows the tires, wheels and hubs, gearboxes, and motors to be easily removed. And, with all electronics placed at the rear of the unit, wiring and connections are easy to see and access with the rear cover removed.

Expanded color options including eight new shroud colors and eleven wheel-insert colors allows a user to customize their wheelchair and let their personality shine.


Rehab-redefining LiNX technology continues to enhance the set-up process with new and improved features. From pre-set programming parameters, to live wireless programming, to integration with ASL specialty controls, set-up is as simple as turning on the LiNX remote.

Standard LED lighting system helps users illuminate the area in front of them.

Adaptive load compensation interprets, learns, and adapts the motors to changes and helps to ensure the drive of the power wheelchair is optimized and balanced over time.


With a short wheelbase and narrow width, the AVIVA STORM RX gives a compact base footprint for excellent maneuverability. At the same time, users can choose between a 5.8 mph or 7.5 mph high performance motor package.

The all new patent-pending Invacare SureGrip suspension system helps provide a smooth and silent driving experience indoors and outdoors. A Rear anti-tipper utilizes a shock absorber to help respond to vibrations and noise, providing a smoother, quieter ride. The drive motor is pushed down for better traction as the rear anti-tipper is engaged over a bump and the front caster bearing has an elastomeric dampener to help reduce vibrations and impacts.

[Source(s): Invacare, Business Wire]

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