Invacare Corporation announces new features available in LiNX electronics, which incorporates Invacare’s MK6 features. The LiNX system facilitates the control of a power wheelchair, making it easy for end users to operate.

The upgrade includes functionality such as:

  • Audible cues – generates a “beep” sound to help users know what drive and seating profile they are using
  • Joystick shaping – shape the field of the joystick engagement (throw) to match the hand movement of the end user
  • Grid navigation – create a grid to setup quadrants in the joystick engagement field (throw)

“These new features represent yet another example of how Invacare is using advanced technology to provide industry-leading solutions for our customers. Backed by our strong culture of innovation, Invacare is committed to remaining at the forefront of adopting technologies that strengthen our expansive portfolio of products and ultimately performance for end-users.”

— Joost Beltman, senior vice president and general manager, North America for Invacare

[Source(s): Invacare Corporation, Business Wire]