Lewisburry, Pa-headquartered Butler Mobility Products announces that it has recently re-engineered its line of electric dumbwaiters for homes and businesses.

Per a media release from the company, dumbwaiters may be a possible solution to help people with mobility issues carry groceries or laundry, for example, up or down to where they are needed.

Dumbwaiters offered by Butler Mobility are available in eight standard sizes. According to the company’s website, they can also be customized in almost any size or shape. Custom cars can open in one, two, three, or even four sides, as well as in corners.

Available load capacities range from 100 to 450 pounds, and they can go up to seven stories.

Orders come with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation manual, complete with necessary drawings and instructions.

For more information, contact Butler Mobility Products.

[Source: Butler Mobility Products]