The Halo Safety Ring, offered by Comfort Company, Bozeman, Mont, is a patented institutional bed mobility device built to prevent lateral mattress movement and gap space in the critical zones of 1, 2, 3, and 4. The company’s website notes that the Halo Safety Ring meets and exceeds the HBSW and FDA’s final dimensional guidelines against bed entrapment. It also aims to promote bed mobility and increase environmental independence.

The site adds that the product passes the new “Bed System Measurement Device” pass/fail test that has been approved for Bed System testing by the FDA and state surveying teams. The Halo Safety Ring offers users exit points for the neck, head, and chest, and is designed to eliminate the four most critical zones of entrapment. The product also meets FDA guidelines for patient transfers and therapy bedside assistant for both patient transfers and therapy.

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[Source: Comfort Company]