Broda, a provider of long-term care seating, is celebrating 40+ years of providing essential comfort to those who need it most. Broda began in 1981 as a small group of concerned individuals who had the radical idea that seating in healthcare needed to be more comfortable.  

The company began by serving the often-overlooked patients and caregivers in hospice and palliative care.  Society is apt to look the other way when faced with end-of-life care; however, the company says it has only concentrated more attentively on the needs of these patients, caregivers, and families. 

Since its modest beginnings, Broda has maintained this attentiveness as they have grown to provide enhanced comfort to additional care environments. It has contributed to improving the lives of thousands upon thousands of individuals from all walks of life. They are not only providers of medical equipment; they provide comfort, time with family, and the ability to do what matters most. 

Its dedication to service has allowed the company to create a tight-knit, yet global, community of advocates (eg, clinicians, suppliers, and durable medical equipment specialists) who are committed to the localized needs of real people.  

To be successful, Broda stays true to its core values and continues to bring essential comfort to all healthcare environments. 

Broda believes that every wheelchair user deserves comfortable seating. Their wheelchairs, shower commodes, and gliders enhance everyday care for users and caregivers worldwide.  

Whether you’re treating a chronic condition or a temporary setback, Broda strives to provide ultimate safety, mobility, and comfort. 

Now, Broda is encouraging clinicians and users to join in celebrating 40+ years of comfort by sharing their Broda story. Every story submission is an entry to win a new Broda wheelchair for your patients or your community.