The upcoming annual Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan-Athletes Unlimited (RIM-AU) Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament is slated to run through January 14 through 15. The RIM Detroit Diehards team will host the event at the Beechwood Recreation Center, headquartered in Southfield, Mich. Games will reportedly take place 11 am to 6 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

The RIM-AU tournament will host division 3 teams as well as a non-qualifying regional tournament for junior division teams. According to a recent press release, the tournament will also feature several Hall of Fame and Michigan Paralympics Athletes.

Co-presenters of the event include the Southeast, Mich-based Athletes Unlimited, a non-profit organization, founded by Jeff S. Pierce, DO, Michigan Sports & Spine Center (MSS). It is designed to offer social, recreational, and athletic outlets to individuals with disabilities. The Detroit, Mich-based Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) is also a reported presenter. RIM is one of eight hospitals operated by the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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Source(s): Disabled World, Athletes Unlimited