Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, introduces the Quickie Pulse 6, focusing on the core of group 3 (K0848, K0856, and K0861) power chairs, and providing a solution for adult rehab power consumers.  

Available in two models, BC (no-power option) and SC (single-power option), it is a compact, durable, power wheelchair offering numerous industry-accepted seating and product options for group 3 consumers.

It features simplified powered seating, adjustable seating and positioning, and PG‘s VR2 and R-net expandable controllers. The SC model offers the JAY SPO and ART SPO backrests.  

The backrests are designed for use with a power tilt. They offer comfort, pressure reduction and positioning, and are customizable. The JAY SPO backrest contains a rectangular back shape and a modular JAY foam customization kit optimized to accommodate most skeletal abnormalities. The ART SPO provides a customizable back shape (rectangular, I-shape, scapular cut-out), varying thicknesses, and foam inserts, to accommodate more unique skeletal abnormalities.

Sunrise Medical designs, manufactures, and markets medical products that address the recovery and rehabilitation needs of patients in institutional and home care settings, and are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.