The Mary and Charles A. Parkhill Foundation for Spinal Cord Rehabilitation, Livonia, Mich, has scheduled the Bocce Palooza charity event on Feb 7 to raise funds for rehabilitation and therapy for those with spinal cord injuries.

The event is planned from 7 pm to 11 pm at the Palazzo di Bocce, 4291 Lapper Road, Orion, Mich.

Last year’s event raised more than $25,000. These funds and more were granted to patients with spinal cord injuries to cover therapy and rehabilitation services that insurance cannot or will not cover.

Bocce Palooza will this year aim to raise even more money at an inspirational event that will feature grant recipients showing the benefits of their ongoing therapy by playing bocce ball.

[Source: Mary and Charles A. Parkhill Foundation]

[Source: PR Newswire]