Following the recent roundtables on health care reform, the Senate Finance Committee has released a 48-page document titled Reducing Costs and Improving Quality in the Health Care Delivery System. The document outlines policy options for making the health care delivery system more effective, of higher quality, and of greater efficiency.

The committee will release similar policy option papers on increasing health care coverage and financing health care reform in the coming weeks. Public comments should be directed to [email protected]. The deadline is May 15. 

On another front, President Obama has sworn in Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of Health and Human Services after the Senate voted 65 to 31 to approve her nomination. Sebelius was the last member of Obama’s cabinet to be confirmed and sworn in. Senate Republicans decided not to continue procedural objections in light of the swine flu emergency.

[Source: American Physical Therapy Association, and the Senate Finance Committee]