Ottobock, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn, recently announced its release of a new 3-in-1 supine, prone and upright stander. The product is designed to provide children aged 4 years to 14 years standing therapy. The Mygo stander is available in two sizes, with a maximum weight of 132 pounds. The product also reportedly features knee and foot supports that allow users with fixed knee and hip contractures of up to 25 degrees to stand fully supported with the hips and knees flexed, allowing for an improved upright posture.

Ottobock adds that the product is designed to offer users reduced load bearing on the patella, ergonomically improved function, support to those with a larger build, and a clear insert tray for communication aids. Ottobock lists the benefits of standing which include the facilitation of hip joint formation, improved respiration and voice control, and the ability to interact face to face with peers.

According to Ottobock, the Mygo is marketed in orange, pink, blue, and charcoal gray.

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Source: Ottobock