OPTP, Minneapolis, presents its new Volume 19 catalog. Over 50 new books, DVDs, Pilates products, and other innovative materials have been added to this catalog.

Volume 19 offers all sorts of new literature from experts like Michelle Schwahn and her new Strength With Length: The Body in Balance booklet, or Caroline Creagers Intrinsic Core: Using the Soft Gym Overball book. For Pilates, OPTP has added Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge written by Brooke Siler, the Yoga Fan, and so much more. The catalogue also features all new Pilates equipment and DVDs, like the Stott SPX Reformer or the Magic Circle DVD.

OPTP makes sure to live up to its name by providing clients with the highest quality of therapy products while at the same time being up-to-date with its product line.

Thera-Band, Rep-Band, Gymnic Balls, OPTP Foam Rollers, The Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls, Stretch Out Straps, and other critical staples in the health and medical fields will remain in the catalog.

For a free copy of the Volume 19 catalog visit www.optp.com or call (800) 367-7393.

[SOURCE: OPTP, September 14, 2006]