Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awarded the US Olympic Committee (USOC), headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo, a grant designed to provide recreation and sport activities for disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces.

The $7.5 million grant builds on VA’s commitment to provide adaptive sporting opportunities for veterans across the nation, secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Eric K. Shineski says. The USOC’s program got its start thanks to a prior grant provided by the VA in 2010.

The funding will benefit the USOC’s member organizations, which include Paralympic Sports Clubs, veteran, and military organizations. The money will be utilized by these organizations to start community-based, physical activity programs tailored to the needs of disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces.

The VA is authorized by Public Law 1100-389 to award the USOC grants to plan, manage, and implement an adaptive sports program. Additionally, the law authorizes VA to create an Office of National Rehabilitation Special Events.

The VA also highlights its special events office as a provider of the information, tools, and resources needed to assist VA clinicians in promoting the benefits of adaptive sports.

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Source: Department of Veteran Affairs