The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) recently announced Jeff Cain, MD, a member of the Amputee Coalition’s Board of Directors, as its new president-elect. Cain will take on the role of advocate for family physicians and patients nationwide in order to facilitate positive change in the US healthcare system. The Congress of Delegates, the AAFP’s governing body, elected Cain during its annual meeting in Orlando, Fl.

Marshall J. Cohen, chairman of the Amputee Coalition board, voiced congratulations regarding Cain’s appointment as president and says, “As an amputee and a physician, [Cain] has a unique understanding of the doctor-patient relationship, responsibilities, and continuum of care. He is a tireless advocate for those with limb loss.” Cain also competed and taught nationally in adaptive sports and holds a gold medal in adaptive slalom snowboarding.

The requirements of his new role mean that Cain will be unable to hold his board position during his term of office. It is reported that his term with the Amputee Coalition will end at the conclusion of the year.  In addition to president-elect, Cain serves as the chief of family medicine at Children’s Hospital Colorado, practices the full scope of family medicine, and serves as an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. 

During his time with the Amputee Coalition’s Board of Directors, Cain advocated the establishment of fair insurance initiative for prosthetic devices. His efforts translated into the passage of prosthetic fairness laws in 20 states and the introduction of bipartisan federal prosthetic insurance legislation. 

Kendra Calhoun, president and CEO of the Amputee Coalition says that the board will miss Cain’s voice and wisdom, but she also points out that, "We are already exploring opportunities for collaboration between the Amputee Coalition and the AFFP."

Source: Amputee Coalition